All That Jazz

I don't tend to lean toward Groupon too often, but a few weeks back an email came across my inbox reading, "Jazzin' at the Shedd." My inner Jazz Nerd sparked, and I had to look into this. Not entirely sure what I got myself into, I bought the Groupon for $18.00 for 2 person admission. What a deal right?!

Well, this past Wednesday night, my husband and I attended Jazzin' at the Shedd in downtown Chicago. The event was beyond incrediable, like, beyond words, incredible. As soon as you walk inside, there is a live jazz band playing music that could be heard throughout the main part of the museum. We saw everything! The Jellies, Caribbean Reef, Wild Reef, Oceanarium. We even got a tiny peek at the new baby dolphin! You name it, we saw it. I haven't even told you the best part...there was no crowd or kids bumping into you every 5 seconds.

Everyone dressed their best, holding a glass of wine in one hand a plate of flavorful food in the other slowly walking around viewing all the awe-inspiring ocean life. We eventually made it out to the patio, where we were greeted with another live jazz artist, and a gorgeous view of Chicago. We sat outside, enjoyed the music, atmosphere and fireworks!

Me and my guy <3

These guys were my favorite!

Beautiful view of Chicago

HUGE Crab.

It's like a wedding!!!

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  1. Wow!! That looks like SO much fun!!! I think Bill and I will have to check this out, what a fun date night!