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I love any excuse to trek into the city of Chicago. This past weekend I was able to attend the Renegade Craft Fair with a couple of my good friends. This year was special, as it was Chicago's 10th year hosting this diverse fair. Here are a few of my favorite vendors and some of my outstanding finds this year.

I loved the husband-wife duo. Their t-shirt designs were not only well made, but cute, quirky, whimsical and unique. Every one of Megan's designs begin with a pencil drawing, which she scans, prints and burns to a screen, and finally prints one-by-one on her table-top press. I picked up her "Gimme MO Love" t-shirt, pictured below.

Photo by Megan Lee Designs.

As a dog owner, I'm always trying to find cute dog collars. Just something about the basic blue or blue collar from PetStore USA doesn't quite cut it. Her dog collars are simple, with vibrant, graphic appealing prints. They are stunning. 

Photo by Collard Green Dogs.

There were  a TON of stationary vendors at Renegade. McBitterson's was definitely one of my favorite and nothing like I've seen before. Their witty letterpress cards were not only beautifully made, but hilarious. Definitely take a peek into their online shop for a couple good laughs.

Photo by McBitterson's Tasteless Wares.

Pearl & Marmalade, another awesome stationary vendor, but with a touch of all things girly and whimsical. Their letterpress cards are so vibrant detailed works of art. Along with their beautiful card collection, they also sell stunning large prints. 

Photo by Pearl & Marmalade.

Sometimes handmade crafts can get a bit pricey, but Chimes Design was not only super unique, but also extremely reasonable. I ended up buying one of her super cute, pattern block mini makeup bags. This girl has some talent, as they are extremely well made. Every bag was unique, which is what I loved most. 

Photo by Chimes Design.

I've seen a multitude of not-so-great-quality handmade jewelry in my life, but Lily Dawson is not one of them. She is amazing. Every piece of her jewelry is exceptionally made, and absolutely gorgeous. Her pieces are so colorful, and are a statement. Love everything!

Photo by Lily Dawson.

Last, but definitely not least is Brainstorm. A start-up screen printing and illustration company in 2007 has grown due to their attention to care and detail. Their prints are so eclectic in nature from very clean lines to extremely organic. Definitely check out their online store. 

Photo by Brainstorm.

 Snapshots from the day:

Renegade Craft Fair.

Crazy Cakes! Alliance Bakery & Cafe.

Dragon Cake! Alliance Bakery & Cafe.

Alliance Bakery & Cafe.

Love this mosaic.

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